What is The Holodigm you may ask? In the microscopic sense it is a multifaceted visualization of what the global entertainment industry would look like if it were a video game. In the macroscopic sense it is the bible and instruction manual on how to play that game. It is the alchemy of turning music into gold.
The business of music goes back to a time when men pounded on logs in caves and their cohorts took chickens at the door. All that changes is the technology. Digital convergence is a double-edged sword, it destroys the past as it carves the future. The Holodigm Academy is at the cutting edge in the creation of the new music paradigm. We follow the historical trajectory and study the systems, mechanics, protocols and politics of show business in the digital age. Our mission is to ensure that the next generation of popular music belongs to those who create it, not transnational corporations.


The infrastructure created to market music provides the core mechanism for all entertainment forms. The adaptation of music within the cultural zeitgeist of our times is inevitable. There will be a ‘next big thing’ eventually. The game will be played the same as always,, and the odds of success are even more challenging. The low threshold to entry allows anyone to compete, but great talent is extremely rare.


If it is your goal to turn music into gold, there is a way to do that. The mountain is high and not everyone survives the climb. All talent being equal the ‘Baby Band’ must compete with every great artist in their genre. If you can make it in your niche, you can cross over into other styles and global success is possible. The game is not easy and it’s not fair. There are hazards along the way and only ten percent of the contestants make a living from music. However, all talent is NOT equal, and most careers will fail.

This will not deter the young and restless musicians from performing their songs, and it will not silence the voices of stardom. We don’t guarantee success because of the enigma called talent. Every song you write is not a crystal tear from the eye of Zeus.  However, some are, and great songs presented by a charismatic artist to the right audience can produce an enormous reaction in the streaming fanbase.


This is an exercise in vanity, and it’s like trying to win the lottery, the odds being similar. If artists are intent on devoting their lives to chasing the gold, it is imperative that they learn how to play the game. They must play hard and build their careers from the bottom up. Your personal Holodigm is a roadmap to creating your owned and operated music enterprise. Getting started is a Do-it-Yourself activity because nobody is going to do it for you. If you can reach the survival level the world will come to your door, expressly delivered, via the Internet. Anybody can compete, but only the truly great will survive.


We invite YOU to join us in the pursuit of YOUR dreams. We will teach you how to play and guide you along the way.  Download your free digital copy of “ROCK – Building Bands in the Digital Age” to learn the degree of difficulty and establish the playing field. If you read it and still want to make music the instrument of your survival, sign up for “The Holodigm Seminars.” When you complete the course, you will know more about how to play the game of music than ninety percent of the people making a good living in the business today. Reach for Elvisland, with a little luck you may just land in the Big Top.

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