The Map of Show Business

The Holodigm is a visualization that depicts what show business would look like if it was a board game. We have all heard the old axiom that our minds are like icebergs and ninety percent of them are under water. We only use the ten percent that is above the surface.

I ask all students of Holodigm Academy to burn this image in that part of your mind that is not currently in use. Go into that giant iceberg in your brain and carve out an imaginary space in the shape of a giant cube. Think of that cavern as your Ice-Box. Install in it a giant pyramid that contains a sphere. Now, click on the various elements of The Holodigm Map and visualize them in their symbiotic relationship.

As you execute your personal career and the careers of your clients 'see' each decision and choice as it relates to all the myriad possibilities. Think first, trust your instincts and take action on the choices that will bring duration and success to your business enterprises. Let your individual Holodigm be your guide.



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The Map of Show Business

  • Module 1 Holodigm Academy Introduction-

    Welcome to the Holodigm Academy's Music Management Training by John Hartmann.

    Just before we start, we would like you to Download John Hartmann's Book as a reference to the entire Course. We recommend That you read this book before you attempt this Course and be prepared for the information provided in the Music Management training.

    We also have a PDF of the then Map of Show Business which we have on the website but having this printed will also help each artist to reference it as they progress throughout the training.

    We have a Private Facebook Group so each student can Join and share their thoughts about what they have learned. We also encourage all students to make connections in this group and begin the process of building their own unique network that may help them throughout their career.


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