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One Time Payment $500 or 2 Monthly Installments of $250.00 & Start Your Journey!

Music Management Online Course

John Hartmann

Music Management Course with the Holodigm Seminars.


The Holodigm Seminars is a Music Management Online Course produced by Legendary Manager and Agent John Hartmann. This Unique Management Training is a series of Videos taken while john was a lecturer at UCLA.

ย Description

Define and describe the systems, mechanics, politics and protocols of designing, mapping and conducting careers in the music business. Explore the symbiotic relationship between the eight core professions of the entertainment industry.ย 

Analyze the rules and principles that govern their diurnal activities. Study the array of contracts that shape their fiduciary responsibilities and personal relationships. Learn how to build a management team and create a platform for the interpretation of rights and distribution of profits.ย 

Practice the vernacular that governs professional performing artists, personal managers, booking agents & the producers of records and concerts.

music management online course


Apply real life experience to the exploration of the art and science of personal management in theย Entertainment Industry as it relates to phonograph records, live music, motion pictures, television and video. Learn how to direct the careers of artists and executives in the creation of the music renaissance.ย 

Prepare you to create, map and navigate your career, and the careers of others, with a focus on the options and consequences of specific marketing and promotion activities.ย 


The ONE True Thing - Music Publishing

The TWO Primary Activities - Performing & Recording

The THREE Ancillary Professions - Publicists, Accountants & Lawyers

The FOUR Primary Professions - Artists, Managers, Agents & Producers

The FIVE Levels Of A Record Company - A&R, Business, Promotion, Marketing, Executive

The SIX Internet Strategies - Creating A Fan Base & Building An Empire On The WWW

  1. Create a website
  2. Collect EMAs
  3. Create Promotional Data
  4. Create Hyperlinks
  5. Offer Merchandise
  6. Create Interactivity

The SEVEN Paper Trails

  1. The Trades
  2. Contracts
  3. Licenses
  4. E-mail
  5. Copyrights
  6. Insurance
  7. Accounts

The EIGHTH Profession - The Boards & The Road

  1. The Road Manager
  2. The Gaffer
  3. Technicians - Roadies & Tuners
  4. Stage Managers
  5. Production - Sound & Lights
  6. Transportation
  7. Accommodations
  8. Air Travel - Travel Agents

NINE - Hartmann's Laws โ€“ 50 Rules of Showbiz

TEN - The Holodigm

  1. The Ice Box
  2. The Pyramid of Showbiz
  3. The Money Sphere
  4. The Elevator
  5. The Big Top
  6. The Artists Realm
  7. The Managers Realm
  8. The Agents Realm
  9. The Producers Realm
  10. Publicists, Accountants. Lawyers & Crews
  11. Stairway To Heaven - Nepotism-Wealth-Sponsors-TV--Sack
  12. The Slip & Slide
  13. The Comeback Trail
  14. Elvisland
  15. The Black Hole Of Broken Dreams
  16. The Bricks of Knowledge
  17. Cloud Nine
  18. Realistic Rain
  19. Lucky Seven
  20. The Fan Base
  21. The Publishing Table
  22. Rock Bottom
  23. The Twin Towers - Recording & Performing
John Hartmann ยฉ 2008 – 2024