"It seems like an interesting time to come into music, because it seems like everybody's leaving, every office we go into the guy's packing up, and pulling all the final things from his desk in a box," Gosling said. "It seems like, you can't make money anymore, so people are trying to figure out how it all should work. My impression just seems to be like, it's kind of the Wild West in a way. Whatever you think of you can do, and that's really terrifying but also an exciting situation to be in, because you realize that you can create the way that this goes down for you...So people are in it because they want to be, and not because they think it'll be profitable for them. It seems like it's good creatively, but you also have to figure out how you want to present your music, because the old model doesn't work anymore."

QUOTE ME - Bob Lefsetz

"We live in a confusing, crazy world. But one thing is constant. The winners pay their dues. And it's not solely time on the chain gang. No, there's a
ton of anxiety involved. Questioning yourself, taking risks, sticking to your
guns when no one believes in you."

Robert Scott "Bob" Lefsetz (born April 22, 1953) is an American music industry analyst and critic. He is the author of The Lefsetz Letter, an email newsletter and a blog.

Bob Lefsetz
Robert Scott "Bob" Lefsetz (born April 22, 1953) is an American music industry analyst and critic. He is the author of The Lefsetz Letter, an email newsletter

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