Q & A with Graham Nash and John Hartmann
Graham Nash was born in an upstairs room in Blackpool, England during WWII. He grew up to be  a musician, singer, songwriter, photographer, and activist. Graham is best known for being a member of the Hollies and later supergroups Crosby, […]
Is the Music Industry Dead?
By Belinda Rogers For Holodigm Academy : 26th Jan 2023 Is The Music Industry Dead? Most independent artists today would feel a firm yes was an apt response to this question. We’ve all […]
Music Management Course Online with John Hartmann
For those who are serious about taking their careers as a musician or artist to the next level, John Hartmann’s Music Management Course Online is the best option available. This 10-week course will […]
John Hartmann Playlist
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The Artist + Manager Relationship Question
Trust In The Artist + Manager Relationship KDonoho9 asks: What is the best way to gain the trust of your client? It seems to me that always being straight with your client, sometimes […]
The Future of Music Video Question Casares asks: We were told that music videos, in today's industry, are pertinent to the construction of a fan base as they, along with concerts, attract listeners and […]
Anti-Industry Attitudes DaveTDVD asks: How do you deal with an artist who has talent but has an anti music industry attitude and feelings of mistrust against it? Hartmann responds: Here comes Collegiate Rock. The postmodern […]
The Digital Music Business FAQ - Book Publishing
A Literary Agent asks: Will book publishing suffer the same fate as the record business? Hartmann responds: The handwriting is on the wall and there is no god powerful enough to stop digimodernization. […]
The Holodigm Quote of the Day - Ryan Gosling on Pitchfork
"It seems like an interesting time to come into music, because it seems like everybody's leaving, every office we go into the guy's packing up, and pulling all the final things from his desk in […]
A Light Goes Out in Music - Barbara Skydel
MAKE THEM SING BARBARA SKYDEL MAKE THEM PLAY Barb was the best of the best. She brought dignity, class and style to the profession of booking agent. Her honesty, integrity and humility set […]
Quote Me! - Bob Lefsetz
QUOTE ME - Bob Lefsetz "We live in a confusing, crazy world. But one thing is constant. The winners pay their dues. And it's not solely time on the chain gang. No, there's […]
The Next Superstar - Where are you?
Before Elvis there was swing music which got the greatest generation through WWII during which the antiquarian record business died for lack of shellac. Plastics gave us a new music industry. Fueled by rock & […]
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